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Saturday, September 28, 2002
      ( 12:25 am ) Rachel  

Well, that seemed to work in the end. I had some great plan to tell you what's going to be happening. Part of what I want to do is see if, without telling many people about this, it will ever get 'found'. And that means not just people reading it, but actually linking to this page. So I suppose it's going to have to be good!! I'm not sure how great my HTML is ever going to get, so there goes any hope of it having a fabulous style of its own, so I guess the content is just going to have to be sensational. Oh dear. Going back a few sentences, getting my page found is not an end in itself. At the moment, if you type the phrase 'Rachel Craig' into google you *will* find many pages, but none of them will be about me. [This isn't true of all search engines, but I think I'll leave that for another time]. And this page in itself will not get me on there, unless other people link to it. 'Tho that's not to say you *must* link to my page - unless you know me, of course, in which case I'll come and get you if you don't : ). Anyway, it's late, and I want to see if I can make this work this time, so here goes!! #


Probably very little for the moment : )

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