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Saturday, October 05, 2002
      ( 11:47 pm ) Rachel  

Aargghhh!! My e-mail isn't working - how will I cope?!? I've tried accessing it from the web-based thingy as well, and that doesn't seem to be working either... Not that I'm obsessed or anything : )

As may be apparent, I haven't been here for a few days. On Thursday, I watched some of the Chelsea v. some Norwegian team (who "would struggle in the lower reaches of the Nationwide league" according to the Guardian.) It was hilarious. I was worried it was unpatriotic to support the opposition to an English team in Europe, but my brother pointed out that Viking probably had as many English players as Chelsea, so it was OK!!! I have to admit it wasn't quite as good as the time Chelsea lost to Tromso (it's nothing particular against Chelsea, just that while there may be worse English teams in Europe, Chelsea are best struggling against unknowns) - but anyway, it was the fact that Tromso-Chelsea was played during snow that made that one so good. #


Probably very little for the moment : )

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