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Wednesday, October 09, 2002
      ( 5:40 pm ) Rachel  

I was considering beginning a rant about our dear government's education policy... However, first, perhaps I should let you know roughly where my political beliefs lie...

According to fantasyelection2001, I come out as 56% in accordance with the Lib Dems, 48% in accordance with Labour, and -4% in accordance with the Conservatives. However, the site asks you which party you normally vote for beforehand, and apparently the Lib Dems are the most likely to 'lose' people, which I find a little hard to believe, as amongst my friends, at least, most would prefer the Lib Dems to be in government, even if they do not vote for them through 'wasted vote' feelings.

On the other hand, How2Vote found that 52% of those who used their site were nearest to the Lib Dems' policies. Admittedly, the largest number of those who expressed an initial preference on party were Lib Dems, but 42% had no preference to begin with.

Just goes to show that you can show anything given the right questions, and then the right statistics : )

Moving back to my views, the excellent Political Compass site tells me I am -4.12 on the economic left/right line (I am in favour of regulation of the economy, and more taxes!) and -2.62 on the authoritarian/libertarian line (I'm not about to start killing individuals, in order to help the state!) Basically, this puts me in the same quadrant of the political compass as Charles Kennedy and Tony Benn among others.

I am not a member of any political party, as none of the main three completely represent my views. However, I have, so far, always voted for the same one (you might be able to guess which!). So, when I am a little critical of some policies dreamt up by our political parties, you know where I'm coming from now! #


Probably very little for the moment : )

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