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Saturday, March 08, 2003
      ( 11:42 am ) Rachel  

According to the poet laureate, there is a crisis of creativity, because schools no longer have time to read many great works of literature. He gives a list of nine books he thinks students on his creative writing course should have read.

Now, I won't be going on his course any time soon, but I still thought I'd have a look at the list. I've read two of them. One of them (Jane Austen's Emma) is the book I most often state if asked for my favourite book. On the other hand, while I made it through Great Expectations, I don't like the book. Part of the problem is that I'm very into endings, so discovering he wrote two was very disillusioning.

Of the rest, I think I have seen a television adaptation of Middlemarch, and I have heard of all but one of the authors... Ah well. #


Probably very little for the moment : )

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