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Tuesday, January 27, 2004
      ( 3:56 pm ) Rachel  
Education, education, education (2) ?
Some issues which this bill does not seem to address:
- This may be naive of me, but I believe university choice should be based on ability and suitability - if even one student chooses a different university because of top up fees, then are they not having an undesirable effect? (see poll)
- The government has still not said how the rest of the higher education funding gap will be filled...
- Where are our future doctors going to come from (Stealing doctors from other countries, and letting them fund the majority of the training is not a good answer)
- Oh, and what about that teaching crisis - with the huge debts (and while exact amounts are disputed, I think everyone agrees it's a lot) - apparently using teachers from abroad (although at least this time we're not stealing them...) is again the answer.
- Why should the middle class charity worker pay back significantly more than the working class investment banker?
- These proposals help the generally more 'debt averse' working class, but what about the exceptional 'debt averse' middle class student?
- Grants will be given to many of those who need them most - but what happens to the student whose parents have a high income, but refuse to support him/her? (This was also a failing of the current system).
- The Labour leadership seems to view its backbenchers as votes belonging to them, and is pressuring those who have more qualms than them. It looks like this tactic will work this time, but how long do they expect this to continue? #


Probably very little for the moment : )

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